Tax Clients Onboarding

Step 1:

Sign Engagement Letter.

You’ll receive a tax engagement letter to electronically sign.


Step 2:

Download App.

After signing the engagement letter, you’ll be guided to download our customized app which will allow you to submit your tax documents securely.

(Support for iOS users and Support for Android users)

If you’d rather set up your account from a desktop, please let us know so that we can send you a portal link via email or text.


Step 3:

Upload Tax Documents.

Now that you’ve set up your secure portal, it’s time to upload your tax documents. Please also upload a copy of your previous’ year tax return.

Your previous tax return serves as a roadmap to your typical income and deductions.

Plus it highlights any major changes that may have occurred in the last year in addition to any possible discrepancies between returns.


Step 4:

Monitor Your Messages.

We’re now busy completing your return.  As we do so, we may have follow up questions and/or need clarification about your tax documents and/or other matters.

Please monitor your messages via the Chat feature inside of your secure portal, and respond promptly.


Step 5:

Review Your Return.

Once your return is complete, you’ll be notified and asked to schedule an “Exit Interview” meeting via Zoom so that we may review the return with you.


Step 6:

Submit Your Payment.

Submit your payment.


Step 7:

E-Sign and E-File.

Once we’ve received payment, you’ll log into your secure portal to submit your electronic signatuare. Afterwards, we e-file your tax return.


Step 8:

Stay in Touch!

We look forward to serving you year-round.

We’ll prompt you to join our email list so that you can receive tax reminders and tips that will help with your tax planning throughout the year.

Thank you for choosing Morazán Tax Services!

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