Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?


High-Level Security

We give the upmost care to your sensitive data. That’s why we exchange confidential documents securely via our secure client portal.

Your data is protected by tough, industry-standard security measures.

A Focused, Personal Touch

No large, faceless, impersonal firm here. We're a small team headed by a licensed tax professional who considers your unique tax situation when negotitating with the IRS. 

Your case is personally managed by an Enrolled Agent who'll regularly keep you up-to-date about its status. Resolving your tax debt is our #1 priority. 


We appeal most to busy individuals who don’t have the time to visit an office and instead prefer to do business via the power of online technologies.

Upload, download, and e-sign files and documents securely ~ anytime and from anywhere with Internet access and from the comfort of your home.

Year-Round Availability

We’re accessible to you beyond tax season to hear your tax concerns.

Additionally, we encourage clients to notify us anytime they experience life events that potentially impact their tax situation.

Tax Planning

After resolving your case successfully, we stay in contact to offer ways that you can minimize your tax liability for the following tax year.  We'll connect with you anytime there are tax changes that could potentially affect your business or personal life.

We’re ready when you are! Peaceful nights with dreams of no more tax debt await you.